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Family owned real estate agents Dawson Estate Agents have recently made the decision to resume trading under the family name after a period of operating as a franchise, and wanted to really make their presence known with a rebrand.

The brief

Dawson Estate Agents wanted an approachable brand, while maintaining the brand colours from their original agency. It needed to look contemporary, simple and inviting.

The solution

The new logo centres around a sans-serif typeface in lowercase which provides a welcoming appearance, and the roof embedded within the 'd' finishes off the look, providing versatility to use it in a simplified version for social media and other small format materials.

The roof also lends itself to some nice logo animations, which were later explored for their social media videos.

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Logo design

Marketing collateral

It was important to Dawson Estate Agents that they be able to produce and manage their own marketing collateral. This was made achievable by setting up Canva templates for them using their brand assets. With the bones locked in place, they were able to produce highly professional branded documents for customers in a snap.

Social media

Accompanying the property information templates comes their social media templates. A versatile design that allows the agents to put together new listing, auction and sold posts to keep customers in the know about available and sold property in the area.

Animated video bumpers

The final requirement was an intro clip for the brand, giving them the ability to top and tail their video content with a nice logo animation.

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