Vitalic Design Co

Who is Vitalic Design Co?

Vitalic Design Co is a branding and design business based in Sydney, with over a decade of experience. Working with clients in the gaming, finance, technology, construction, health, medical, property and hospitality industries.

Vitalic Design Co operates on a remote business model - supplying clients with strategic design solutions via electronic communication. Understanding that time and convenience are becoming more valuable, being able to discuss design solutions via video conference not only makes the process more efficient for both parties, it also allows for lower overheads and better value  for clients. As a result, you get agency-standard design services at a discount. Offering a complete design service also allows services to be packaged together into an even better value  offering. This means you are able to receive an entire brand identity, website design & development and advertising materials for a fraction of the price of sourcing them from a large ‘bricks-and-mortar’ agency.

Which services do you provide?

Vitalic Design Co offers brand identity, website and graphic design services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to either launch a rebrand or strengthen their current brand and expand their presence either through a new website, advertising campaign or printed materials.

Why was Vitalic Design Co brought to life?

SMEs deserve to have the tools available to compete for the sales of goods and services in any marketplace. Vitalic Design Co aims to make this achievable through innovative and intelligent design solutions, increasing perceived value and allowing businesses to establish a firm footing. Our aim is to empower brands by equipping them with the resources needed to stand out and thrive in a competitive and saturated market.

Mark Drever
Brand Identity & Creative

Founder of Vitalic Design Co, with 15+ years experience in design working with a range of international brands.

Specialising in visual brand identity, advertising, web design/development and UI/UX, Mark develops design and branding projects from concept/inception through to production, testing, launch and marketing to ensure delivery of a project at the highest industry standard.

Courtney Williams
Content & Project Management

Courtney is responsible for project management of Vitalic Design Co’s clients, handling budgets, deadlines and oversees each stage of the project cycle.

Courtney also looks after the social channel content for Vitalic Design Co and its clients, showcasing completed projects and the impact they have had on the success of the businesses, as well as managing marketing campaigns for client’s social channels.

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