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What does Vitalic Design Co charge?

Projects are quoted on a job by job basis, depending on the level of scope required, time-frame and other factors. What we can guarantee is that you'll be getting quality work at an affordable price. Click here to get a quote.

What is the design process?

After receiving a design request from a client, we will often have a few questions to establish which direction we need to take the project in, and what kind of result is expected. A proposal will be prepared and supplied to the client for review. This is for full transparency and a great way to explain exactly would be involved with their project.

After approval, the design phase begins. We maintain communication every step of the way to ensure we're on the same page throughout. A first draft is handed over to the client, and refinements are made until project completion.

What is the client's involvement in the process?

Some customers have a clear idea of what design outcome they want. Others may not know where to begin. We cater for both scenarios and are more than happy to take on board as much criteria as the customer requires. Examples are always welcome as this provides an effective way of referencing what kind of look and feel is needed.

When do you require payment?

Generally, a 25-50% upfront part-payment will be required depending on the size of the job, with the difference paid upon project completion.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment in the form of electronic bank transfer or PayPal.

How long will my job take?

Again, this depends on the scope of the job, the time frame required by the customer, and the amount of projects currently in production. A clear timeframe will be established, especially for clients with a deadline.

But I need it done yesterday! Can you help?

We understand from time to time things come up and work is needed fast. Get in touch and we will always be able to work something out.

How will my completed job be delivered?

When the work has been completed and signed off, a full suite of files will be delivered via email / upload link. If a physical copy on a thumb drive is required, this can also be arranged for delivery.

What kind of files will you provide?

Basically any file type you will ever need! JPEG, EPS/AI, PDF, PNG & SVG is provided for logos. Working files however will not be provided unless specifically requested for specific purposes.

Will I be able to edit these files myself?

In most cases, no. Although in the circumstances where you need to overlay your own data such as on letterhead templates, we will always provide a Word document version or something similar.

What if I need my job printed?

We have some regular print providers and are able to put you in touch, along with professional printing advice such as suggested print stock, finishes and quantities.

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