Logo design & brand identity

Logo design & brand identity

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Whether you’re starting a new business or ready to give your existing business a facelift, your logo is where visual branding begins. If you are thinking about logo design for your business, here is what’s included:

Brand advertising

Whether you’re starting a new business or ready to give your existing business a facelift, your logo is where visual branding begins. If you are thinking about brand design for your business, here is what’s included:

Discovery session.

We begin by working through some key words and images that represent the message and story of your brand, including visual language and colour palettes.

Concept presentation.

A selection of initial logo concepts are presented to you, including small & large format mockups to help visualise how it might appear in a multitude of environments.


Multiple rounds of revision on the selected concept.


The final version of your logo will be supplied in multiple formats including mobile responsive / small format versions.

More than just a logo.

Brand identity design

Branding is much more than just a logo. A strong and complete visual brand is what truly gives your business an identity and allows the culture and values of your company to shine through, as well as offering consistency and inspiring confidence in your customers.

Every single day we consume the visual branding experience of multi-million dollar companies - some of which have a fairly simple looking logo (think Audi and the four ring logo), however the feeling we get when we think about or see an advertisement of these brands is one of luxury and excitement. The feel of the leather seats, the glossy red paint and the sleek interior of the cabin. All of these experiences are enhanced by a strong visual brand identity accompanied by solid brand strategy, and is part of the reason a customer will pay more for an Audi than another manufacturer’s vehicle with similar specs at a lower price point. Execution is everything.

The value of colour.

Colour palette

The colour system that accompanies your brand provides the mood and personality and it’s what customers remember the most. An infinite amount of colour combinations can be employed, so it’s important an effective colour palette is used when creating your brand’s visual identity.

Visual language.

Imagery comes next. Your photos, icons and any other imagery associated with your brand needs to be in harmony with the message that the rest of your brand identity is conveying.

Visual brand language


Typography brings it all together. Now that you’ve got a solid logo and a strong colour system, it’s important to complement them with an appropriate typeface. A vintage looking brand with a delicate and distressed logo might look great with a serif typeface, while a contemporary looking brand with striking bright colours would be better suited to a heavy-weighted sans-serif. In saying that there is no one size fits all rule and experimenting with combinations can often be the difference between a good brand and a great brand.

Get responsive.

What is a responsive logo?

Essentially it’s a logo with design elements that adapt to its environment depending on the device or screen size on which they are displayed. This could mean the logo becomes simplified at smaller sizes, or the colours change depending on the background colour being used.
While existing logos can be adapted to include responsive versions, the best results are achieved when responsiveness is considered from the inception of the brand. This allows for a much more versatile logo as all environments and situations are considered from the very beginning.

Visual brand language

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