Motion graphics & production

Lights, camera, satisfaction.

Adding some simple animation to your project can have a huge impact on your brand presence and effectiveness of your advertising. Turn static into fantastic.

Animated title sequences.

If you run a channel with regular video content, having an animated title sequence is going to enhance the experience for your audience, and something you will be able to use time after time on all of your platforms.

Animated title sequence
Lower third animation

Lower-third animations.

Give your videos on your channel some context by adding visual cues in the form of a lower-third animation. A great way to provide your audience with another layer of information relating to your video content.

Animated email signatures.

You likely spend a decent portion of your day replying to new and existing customers, so why not utilise the real estate in your email threads? Having an animated email signature is a nice little way of adding to your visual identity and give some impact to your brand.

Animated logo

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