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Need to move your business online? Get a website that converts.

No matter the business, browsing a website should be an immersive, unique and informative experience. Sure, a Shopify or Wix website might look nice, but it’s exactly the same nice as thousands of websites out there all using the exact same template. Want your product to stand out in a crowd? Let’s build a bespoke site from the ground up that not only looks great on all devices and screen sizes, but actually tells a story about your brand and keeps customers attention with dynamic content.

Establish goals for your website, and reach them.

Your website needs to be able to do two things simultaneously - present the value proposition of your business to your site visitors, and to hold their attention long enough to close the deal, whether that's getting them to add an item to the cart, subcribe to a service or pick up the phone to book an appointment (or have automation do that for you via clever integration). Give your audience an experience and get rewarded with higher conversion rates.

Web design
“A company website is one of the most important and cost effective ways to promote your business. Whether your existing site is outdated or you’re relying 100% on your social media channels to reach your customers, it just makes sense to make the leap.”

Keep your customers informed.

Share updates.

Not all of your customers and potential customers follow your business on social media. Engage with your audience by sharing recent updates in news sections and blog posts. For those customers that do follow your business, these posts can then be distributed on your social channels to drive further traffic to your website.

Provide answers to FAQs.

Allow your customers to be informed about your business before they call you, saving you time which can better be spent running your business.

Customer notification
Analytics data

Measure your success.

Gather critical data on the who, what, where and how.

Using analytics you will be able to see which demographic your potential customers are, what they’re searching for, which pages they’re spending the most time on and where your web traffic is coming from, whether it be social media links, Google Ads, 3rd party sites or direct entry.

Make it easy for them. And even easier for you.

Sell physical and digital products directly from your website.

With a secure checkout featuring 128-bit SSL encryption, your customers shopping experience will be safe and secure.

Manage your site's content.

Update information and images on your site in a snap, with easy to use CMS tools.

Easy for customers
Mobile web design

Mobile first.

Over the past decade, the share of traffic coming from mobile has skyrocketed to over 50% of all web browsing and you can see why. Smartphone screens are getting bigger and higher resolution, as well as the introduction of 4G/5G.

In fact, smartphone cellular data speeds are often better than a home WiFi connection, so it only makes sense that consumers are pulling their phone out of their pocket rather than sitting down at a desktop.
This is why it is important that your website is designed with “mobile first” in mind. Not only that, but your website should look great on all smartphone sizes, and orientations, as well as tablets such as the iPad. Having a responsive website can be the difference between gaining or losing a customer.

The rise of the smartphone: Percentage of website traffic

Web traffic graph

Get on top, stay on top.

Web designCompetitive design

Don't let your competitors steal your customers

There's never been a more important time for your business to to stay relevant online — if you’re not providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for your customers, they will go to a competitor who can.

Built from the ground up.

Don’t get your website made in an out-of-the-box template-based site builder like Shopify or Wix. Getting it made from scratch with no restrictions for design or features means pixel-level precision. With Vitalic Design Co, every page is designed with multiple break points and screen sizes in mind to ensure your site looks great on all devices. You will also have the peace of mind that your website will be built with clean code, not bloated, for faster load times and great performance, which is awesome for SEO.

Brand strength.

Your website is your best opportunity to showcase what your brand is all about. Animations, interactive motion sequences, sound and scale can all be used to give your customers a great idea of the culture of your business and brand. Utilising this effectively can really make your business stand out and show that you run a reputable business.

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