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In 2020, Collective Shift launched – a platform designed to help crypto investors create wealth and freedom by understanding and navigating the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Today, the team updates their audience of thousands of paying members and subscribers daily, across their custom built Members Platform, as well as their social media channels. Resources members have access to include research & investment reports, headline analysis, with the highest value content being paywalled to their premium members. Other value adds include weekly and monthly newsletters, member-only video tutorials and livestreams, daily market breakdowns, exclusive industry discounts and community discussion.

Collective Shift homepage

The brief

As Collective Shift and its offering has matured and its subscriber base has has grown to new heights over the past couple of years, they require frequent updates and upgrades to their consumer-facing content and features. Each update aims to provide even more value to members on their platform, empowering them with the tools they need to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios, stay up to date with the latest price movements, and be across all of the latest projects appearing within the space.

The solution

An entirely new Member Dashboard and Platform was designed, utilising an easy-to-use navigation, mobile responsive design which took into consideration room for future upgrades, user customisation and live API data input from external crypto sources such as live price feeds, etc. The platform is centred around easily accessible free educational content for visitors, displayed in an intuitive structure. This helps to foster learning by allowing people to navigate through a variety of customised modules created by the Collective Shift team. . Being able to offer a more bespoke and customisable offering for members to set their own notification preferences and set access levels for premium content was the key reason for the project.

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Collective Shift provides a tiered subscription-based service for more dedicated enthusiasts and investors who wish to keep abreast of industry developments with weekly and monthly newsletters; member-only video tutorials and livestreams; daily market breakdowns; exclusive industry discounts; and community discussion.

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