Vitalic Design Co is proud to be a sponsor for Florida USA team, Copperheads RLFC

Mark Drever
Brand Identity & Creative

Copperheads RLFC are a Florida based rugby league team looking to grow the game of Rugby League and connect the community of Southwest Florida to a much larger 124-year-old global sporting community, its opportunities, and its network.

They are growing the game of Rugby League by taking a hands-on and personal approach when it comes to educating community members on our fan-friendly code of rugby both in person and online.

Australia’s very own, Janson Doughty, will be wearing the number 6 as the Copperheads take on Jacksonville in their season opener at Dr. James A. Adams Memorial Stadium in Florida on May 25. Tickets now on sale.⁣ ⁣

Copperheads RLFC have a great range of packages and heaps of awesome merchandise available to order online.

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