Virtual Tours & Drone Magic is based in Perth, Western Australia, offering professional aerial and 360° virtual tour photography services for the real estate industry as well as retail high resolution framed prints in their online store.

The brand identity process

Building a brand is more than just a logo, and the best result comes from creating a cohesive brand identity from the beginning.

virtual tours project image 2.jpg

Initial sketches & discovery

A big part of what Virtual Tours & Drone Magic does is the ‘tiny planet’ style photography and video, a lens treatment which creates the illusion that the surroundings of a scene is an entire planet. This created the focal point for one of the logo concepts, and different variations of a city skyline surrounding the planet were created, experimenting with depth and layering, working with a grid.

virtual tours project image 3.jpg


The best way to achieve a cohesive brand identity is by accompanying the logo design process with a variety of ‘stylescapes’, which incorporate other brand elements and encompasses the logo to complete the look. This ensures that once the logo is created, there is a clear direction for the rest of the corporate identity and creative materials moving forward.


Corporate Identity

After the brand identity was established and signed off, a selection of corporate identity materials were created. This included business cards, stationery and advertising materials like brochures and digital ads.

billboard mockup template 2.jpg
business card template 2 blurred details.jpg
Virtual Tours & Drone Magic branding presentation-4.jpg
pen mockup template 2.jpg