Logo & packaging design

Revivr is an Australian kickstarter project developing a handheld shoe cleaning device. The premium product is aimed at shoe enthusiasts who want to be able to clean their collector kicks without damaging the shoes after wearing them. The Revivr shoe cleaner and cleaning solution have been delicately crafted with materials that are gentle on leather and other finishes found on premium shoes.

The brief

Redesign the Revivr logo and develop product packaging to reflect the quality of the premium shoe cleaner and to attract funding on Kickstarter for mass production of the product.

The solution

A contemporary, sans serif wordmark was designed, utilising a reversed 'R' tightly tracked to represent strength, simplicity and elegance. A simple, solid colour bottle design complements the branding.

Logo design

Cameron Byrnes workout programCameron Byrnes workout program

Bottle design

Cameron Byrnes workout program

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