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Nugget's News

Founded in 2017 by Alex Saunders, Nugget’s News is a digital media channel that delivers unfiltered coverage of the latest developments in cryptocurrency, housing, precious metals, commodities, stocks and other financial markets.

In 2020, Nugget’s News launched Collective Shift – a platform designed to help people understand and navigate the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Today, Nugget’s News regularly broadcasts to over 100,000 subscribers across YouTube and Podcast platforms, and delivers exclusive research reports, learning resources, headline analysis and more exclusive content to over 4,000 Collective Shift members.

The brief

As Nugget's News has grown to new heights over the past 12 months, they required an overhaul of their consumer-facing content to project a level of professionalism that reflects the content they produce for their members.

The solution

An entirely new brand identity was developed, using a combination of vibrant gradients, sans serif condensed headers and clean supporting imagery. This was rolled out over their social media, member group and finally, website content.

Nugget's News website

Nuggets News website designNuggets News website design mobile

The new website design is centred around easily accessible free educational content for visitors, displayed in an intuitive structure. This helps to foster learning by allowing people to navigate through a variety of customised modules created by the Nugget's News team.

The social channels are now showcased under the 'Content' section, offering a variety of options for viewing.

Additionally, Nugget’s News provides subscription-based services for more dedicated enthusiasts and investors who wish to keep abreast of industry developments with weekly and monthly newsletters; member-only video tutorials and livestreams; daily market breakdowns; exclusive industry discounts; and community discussion.

As the subscriber base has grown and the company and its' offering has matured, Nugget’s News has outgrown the social media reliant model and decided to move towards a more tailored solution. Being able to offer a more bespoke and customisable offering for members to set their own notification preferences and set access levels for premium content was the key reason for the project.

Enter Collective Shift. With a new Member Dashboard, Resource Hub and brand new additional website running parallel to Nugget's News, members now have access to a much higher value offering, while strengthening brand identity and ease of use.

Nuggets News membership package design
Nuggets News membership package design

Member Dashboard

The Member Dashboard is a paywalled area where paid subscribers can login and access Member-only items such as exclusive daily updates, weekly & monthly reports, as well as live Q&A video sessions and cryptocurrency investment portfolio data.

Intuitive and modern minimalist design was at the forefront for every page during the design process, resulting in fluid ease of use for browsing the dashboard’s features. The flat line icons ensure high visibility and lightning fast load times on any device with any connection.

member dashboard iconmember dashboard iconmember dashboard iconmember dashboard iconmember dashboard icon
member dashboard iconmember dashboard iconmember dashboard iconmember dashboard iconmember dashboard icon
member dashboard design

Knowledge Centre

In addition to the huge range of content for their paid subscribers, Nugget’s News believes it is important to provide just as much free educational content to their subscribers. With the content all previously being housed within their social media channels, Nugget’s News felt it was time to move this content to a more centralised source - that being the Knowledge Centre on the new Collective Shift website. This means the content is no longer at the mercy of YouTube and Facebook, who have been known to erroneously pull down content for not meeting their guidelines. This also means subscribers no longer have to be signed up to all of Nugget’s News social channels to access all of the free content.

member dashboard design
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