Nugget’s News is the largest and most popular source of blockchain and cryptocurrency market news in Australia, beginning as a YouTube channel to educate newcomers to the space. During the market hype of 2017, Alex Saunders’ ability to explain complex topics in a simple and straightforward manner stood out as he amassed a loyal group of followers. Nugget’s News continues to grow as the leading outlet for important updates and fundamentals of distributed ledger technology.

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Nugget’s Crypto Community

The success of the channel lead to the creation of Nugget’s Crypto Community which now has over 1400 people that engage in robust discussion and analysis with intense tutelage from Alex and his team. Nugget's News is focused on continually learning and promoting this bleeding edge technology in an easy to understand, accessible manner.

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Featured Content

Some of this work has been featured on the Binance Academy - an area of the Binance website decidicated to blockchain eduction. Binance is the global industry leader in exchange volume, innovation and influence in the blockchain space.

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